In 1940, at the very grounds of our school, a society was born. The Perficean Society derived its name from our school motto, perfice, meaning “do thoroughly” or “be perfect”, and aimed to help its members enlarge their knowledge of English and its culture in an instructive and entertaining manner. To do so, they established a school-wide magazine that would become a cornerstone of academic life at The British Schools, covering sports events, extracurricular activities, and other distinguished episodes happening at school. Led during its inception by Arthur J. Hobson - one of the most renowned and loved members of our staff in TBS history - The Perficean would continue to inform and entertain our students until 1985, when it finally came to an end after 45 years.

Now, 86 years after The Perficean’s founding, the world looks radically different, but our want to celebrate school events and inform our students has prevailed against the passage of time. It is because of this that we have created “Hobson News”, a digital newspaper that aims to bring The Perficean to the 21st century. From global news to school events coverage to media recommendations, we made it our task to make our students better members of our ever-so-globalized society and proud members of The British Schools community. This would not have been possible without any of the four teams we currently boast and its constituents: The Writing team (Head: Florencia Lombardi. Members: Carmen Gomensoro, Maia Lyford-Pike.), tasked with preparing articles about current global events, the Creative Team (Head: Fiorella Rossi. Members: Augusto Leborgne, Theo Romero.), which makes weekly recommendations on books, movies, recipes, and TV shows, and covers pop-culture stories, the Research Team (Head: Valentina Sapia. Members: Valentina Casella.), which makes all our jobs much easier by finding interesting articles to cover and doing background investigations on them, and the Management Team (Head: Bautista Martínez), the liaison between us and school authorities that also ensures all articles are according to standard and uploaded on time to the website. Last, but definitely not least, comes our own personal A. J. Hobson, Laura Ferreyra, our wonderful librarian who has helped us immensely throughout this project and personally took it upon herself to assist us when in need. A special thanks also goes to Carolina Rossi, the other half of the library, who helped us spread the word about Hobson News to the rest of the school.

Four months have now passed since we decided to take on this project, and we have enjoyed every part of it. From the complications we encountered at the beginning, to the satisfaction we now have looking at what we have achieved, all steps in this journey have made us improve as people, teaching us important values such as the power of teamwork, hard work, and perseverance. On top of this, we have developed irreplaceable friendships amongst ourselves - something none of us expected coming in. We hope the rest of the school community has enjoyed it as much as we do, for this is our little grain of sand to collaborate on the vast and interesting history of our school.

Bautista Martínez


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