ICMUN - Online MUN

The International College of Punta Del Este held an online conference (ICMUN) last Friday, 27th November. This was the second online Model United Nations conference of the year, after the Craighouse conference (CRAIGMUN). The School had nineteen students participating in the conference, six of which passed their resolutions in their corresponding committees and three of which were involved as chairs of the Security Council, General Assembly 3 and ECOSOC committees. 


Regarding the General Assembly 1, the question of territorial disputes in the South China Sea was being discussed. The delegations of France (Franco Malde) and Australia (Francisco Sojo) merged their resolutions and passed them. In the General Assembly 3, the delegation of Peru (Fiorella Rossi) passed their resolution which discussed the protection of human rights while combating the ongoing pandemic, Covid-19. Through the General Assembly 4 committee, the issue regarding human rights of the citizens of Hong Kong was being discussed and the French member state (Santiago Souto) passed their resolution. Along the ECOSOC committee, the delegation of France (Francisco Bustillo) passed its resolution while discussing the controlling effect of Brexit on global trade. Finally, the delegation of Belgium (Luciana Bunt) passed its resolution in the Security Council which argued the issue of managing the instability caused by the situation in Lebanon. 


It was quite surprising to see how even during a pandemic, the club received new members who debuted at last Friday’s conference. The new delegates include ten students from 1YL, one from 2YL and two from 4YL. The conference was organised by the ongoing presidents of the club: Carmen Gomensoro, Agustin López & Bautista Martinez.

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