We were able to welcome back some of our former students from the Teros to the School again, but this time they met with students from 4YL, 5YL and 6YL. They were joined by the past and present students of the Teritos. Both sides have been successful, and the players talked about the importance of being focused to achieve their goals. In this case to do with rugby, but also how to balance this with either their work or studies.

The players spoke of how proud they were to be in the national teams, and how good it was that the links between the School and the Old Boys´ Club were strong. Many players still help coach our students. They also emphasised how important it is to take advantage of all opportunities that are available, and to always aim high. There were many good questions from the audience, and some good replies to questions on how to manage time.

We would like to thank Juan Manuel Gaminara, Juan Manuel Cat and Germán Albanell of the Teros, and Alonso Cat, Santiago Civietta, Cesar Riviere, as well as our 6YL students Faustino Etchegorry, Maxim Sonneveld and José Iruleguy of the Teritos, for being with us to speak to the students and answer their questions. Former students that are also members of the teams: Andres Vilaseca, Carlos Pombo and Joaquin Garcia were unable to join us this time.

We wish all of them good luck as they keep preparing for their matches and tournaments. 

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