En el marco de los proyectos de desarrollo comunitario e interacción con CAS, nuestros alumnos de 2do año de liceo acompañados de sus Form Teachers (Atenas Aquino, Guillermina Chichizola, Fabián Moggia y Leonardo Alexandre) se sumaron al "mes del niño" creando, imaginando y materializando juegos para los niños del Caif del Lago.

Luego de numerosas semanas de trabajo, el miércoles 14 de agosto en el "festejo del día del niño" realizado para dicha Institución en nuestro Colegio, representantes de 2do año hicieron entrega de sus trabajos y conocieron personalmente a los niños del Caif.

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Los alumnos de 6to de Liceo de la Orientación Matemática y Diseño (ex – arquitectura) realizaron una salida didáctica el día jueves 1° de agosto, que implicó recorrer distintos puntos de la ciudad de Montevideo, acompañados de sus docentes de Historia del Arte –Profesor Daniel Benzano-  y Comunicación  Visual y Diseño – Profesor Enrique Cederbaum-.

El objetivo de la actividad era reconocer y vivenciar estilos arquitectónicos que se han trabajado en los cursos. Con tal motivo se comenzó visitando una muestra sobre la escuela alemana de diseño BAUHAUS (Museo Blanes); recorrida guiada por Palacio Salvo; recorrida guiada por Casa-Museo del Arquitecto Julio Vilamajó; visita a las facultades de Ingeniería y Arquitectura y visualización y descripción de fachadas de algunos ejemplos arquitectónicos que hacen a la urdimbre de la ciudad: Iglesia Carmelitas (gótico); Palacio Díaz (modernidad), Edificio Rinaldi (art decó), Quinta Williman (art nouveau) etc.

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The Workviews Programme is geared to giving students the chance of listening and exchanging ideas and opinions with high-level professionals in their area or areas of interest. The University and Careers Guidance Counsellor articulates this initiative along the members of the Parent’s Committee. This year, 48 first level speakers were called to share their expertise and perspective of their career and profession in the following fields: Law, Economics, Finance, Accounting, Political Sciences, Psychology, Genetics, Communications and Marketing, Business Adminsitration, Philosophy, Medical Sciences, Verterinary, Agronomy, Engineering, Architecture, Fabric, Fashion, Interior and Graphic Design, Hotel Management, Tourism, Journalism, Education and Social Work.

At TBS we believe this instance contributes to the choosing of IB subjects and their orientation, and a reflecting on their future career choices.

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On Saturday, 27th July, a delegation of seven students attended a Model United Nations conference hosted by Colegio Seminario (SMUN). This time the challenge was to represent the Russian Federation. Sophia Bakkalian (2YL), the youngest member of our MUN club to participate in this event, managed to pass a resolution to reduce the socioeconomic influence of drug cartels in developing countries.

Other topics addressed during the day included:

  • Biological weapons
  • Sex trafficking of children and adolescents
  • Cyberterrorism
  • Racism and xenophobia in the workplace

Valentina Monsuárez and Enrique Sojo, both 4YL students, also did an excellent job while chairing the debate for the first time.


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TBS Club de Filosofia: A monthly meeting of minds

It was Bertrand Russel who once said that, “science is what you know, philosophy is what you don’t know.”  The chance to discuss philosophical questions is often restricted to a philosophy class, and this is the main reason the “Club de Filosofia” has been started at The British Schools. 

Everyone can benefit from studying philosophy. To quote Seneca, “as long as you live, keep learning how to live.” In the “Club de Filosofia”, we discuss philosophical texts and connect them to our modern life. Not surprisingly, we often address the themes of happiness, liberty, and freedom of choice.

We philosophize in Spanish and call it “Club de Filosofia” because we believe this modality assumes ownership and belonging. Forming part of a club means that people are committed to attend, read the assigned text and participate with interest. The Club is open to students in Years 4, 5 and 6 since the themes can be more mature and address complex ideas.

Moderated by Maria Acle, Diego Paseyro and Nicholas Drever, this Club is a voluntary, extra-curricular activity that allows students and teachers to discuss philosophical texts and ideas, without the looming academic marker. We meet in the AJ Hobson Senior Library the last Thursday of every month and philosophize about a question based on a philosophical text. The discussions are always thought-provoking, often leading to more questions than answers, and for us that is okay.

These are some reflections made by students who participate in the Club de Filosofia:

"To me, the Club is more than a mere school extracurricular activity. It is the opportunity to develop ideas encountered in Philosophy class, to discover fresh interpretations and get to know other students better. It provides continuity to the ideas that concern us the most and it’s acquiring its own personality. As the discussion develops month by month, it is clear what issues we ruminate the most: happiness, solidarity and egoism amongst others." Paulina Cassoni, Y6

“The Philosophy Club provides a chance to listen to the thoughts of other students who I would not otherwise get to know.   It’s also an opportunity to read philosophical texts that are new to me and to contemplate issues I wouldn’t have questioned if I wasn’t there.”

Constanza Foderé, Y5

"When I was first told by Diego about the Philosophy Club, I was thrilled. Oddly enough, I felt intrigued not because I am a savant of philosophy or anything like it, but rather because I simply knew I'm ignorant of philosophy and eager to learn. The Club has done wonders for all of us; from Dikkran's intricate explanations to Renata's polemical comments, we have found a place that welcomes all of those that are willing to question, argue and learn from each other."

Dylan Fairless, Y4

"The philosophy club the is newest of the school’s extracurricular activities offered to students. Once a month, students from fourth, fifth and sixth year come together in the library to talk, discuss, learn and reflect upon timeless philosophical issues explored by humanity through its history. Its an open space where growth is experienced not only individually, but as a group. It allows students together with Diego Paseyro, Maria Acle and Nick Drever to explore ideas that beyond school subjects and get to know each other in a completely different environment that still within the school’s walls". Pilar Elgorriaga


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On Friday, 26th July, the School´s Green Room welcomed one of our former students who came to talk to 4YL students about his experience as a student in NYU University in United Arab Emirates. Martin Stewart is a dearly remebered student by both friends and teaching staff, who was Head Boy in 2017. The year after he graduated he started the application process for NYU UAE. 

In the simple and friendly manner that is his trademark, he shared his experience when applying, the stress he lived when receiving the email that sealed his fate, how he convinced his parents by saying that only 3% of those who applied effectively got a place in the University. Luckily he was one of that 3%.  

Martin shared his rich experience of how it is like to land in a new country with such a different culture: his arrival at the university and the first courses, getting to know people and making new friends, what the city is like and the wonderful desert that surrounds it. He insisted on telling those students who want to study abroad to dream big, sharing with them several tips, advice and suggestions when applying to a University of this sort. He was emphatic when mentioning that high grades were not the only thing that these Universities were interested in: sports, extracurricular activities, CAS, MUN, Arts, etc, were the different aspects that a student must have in order to stand out from the crowd. 

We were delighted to receive Martin and welcome him again. 

Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with us!


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On Wednesday 17th July, 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students had the opportunity to enjoy a performance of Murderous Crossing, a play by David Landau. The Montevideo Players produced a wonderful version of this Agatha Christie style comic mystery.

 The story is set in the year 1923 and the audience members are passengers on board the HMS Victoria as it crosses the English Channel. The famous Inspector Clurrot has tracked down a homicidal mastermind hiding out on board. Meanwhile, the ship is the vessel of matrimony for the Comtesse Nicole Follette and John D. Rothschild-a marriage encouraged through financial need and murderous greed.But not everything is as it seems, and it turns out that the English Channel is not the only thing being crossed. 

 Students were recruited to stand in for the best man, bridesmaid, mother of the groom, and father of the bride. Students also had to help Inspector Clurrot solve the mystery. Altogether it was a memorable performance which was really enjoyed by students and teachers.

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UK TRIP 2019

El viaje al Reino Unido fue una de las mejores experiencias para los alumnos y docentes de The British School, pues les permitió reflexionar sobre su propia realidad al ser confrontado a un universo totalmente diferente. Visitas a museos, monumentos con mucha historia que hablaban por sí mismos, días en universidades conociendo su funcionamiento.

Esta experiencia proporcionó a nuestros alumnos los valores que tanto apreciamos: respeto,independencia, responsabilidad, el compartir (priorizar lo grupal frente a lo individual) y la solidaridad.

El clima en el Reino Unido con 23 -24 grados mas que agradables y ni un día de lluvia, solo una bruma por un rato en Escocia.

A media que fueron pasando los días el grupo se fue amoldando como uno solo: se veían intercambios de ideas, ayudas y acuerdos pensando los unos en los otros. Mas de 2000 kilómetros en buses y otros tantos caminando les permitieron ver y disfrutar de este Reino Unido del que tanto leyeron y escucharon. 


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¡Que lindo que es filosofar! ¡Que libre nos hace! Esta verdad la vamos descubriendo los que participamos en el recientemente inaugurado Club de Filosofía de TBS.  En nuestro segundo encuentro, último jueves del mes, filosofamos sobre la genealogía de los términos ‘bien’ y ‘mal’, tomando como base un texto filosófico del alemán Friedrich Nietzsche.  

En este encuentro, los presentes peripatéticos consideramos el texto de Nietzsche y admitimos lo difícil que puede ser este tipo de lectura: abstracta, conceptual y filosófica.  No obstante, cada uno se esforzó para acercarse a los conceptos planteados y consideró su significado. A pesar de la complejidad, Diego Paseyro nos recomendaba “abrazar el no entender”.  Para eso estamos, caminando juntos hacia ese descubrimiento. 

Y encontramos una fuente de reflexión muy nutrida.  En su contexto, Nietzsche advertía sobre “la moralidad de los esclavos”.  Estando estancado en una postura de resentimiento, el esclavo conceptualiza ‘el mal’ y ‘el malvado’ en términos religiosos y reaccionarios, y por lo tanto el mismo es ‘el bueno’.  Sin embargo, ese camino, soy bueno entonces soy feliz, es engañoso. El prefiere ‘la moralidad de los nobles’, quienes definen ‘el bien’ y ‘el mal’ por sus propios términos, y concluye que ‘soy feliz entonces soy bueno’. 

Naturalmente, al desentrañar la lectura, nuestro encuentro nos llevó a filosofar sobre la felicidad. Nos llevó a pensar, ¿qué es la felicidad? ¿será un fin? ¿Será algo material?  Observamos que cuando más tenemos, la felicidad se hace más difícil, e incluso puede traernos más angustias el hecho de saber que dejamos afuera ciertas opciones que podríamos haber tomado, como dice el filósofo noruego Svendsen. Pensamos en que puede existir un barómetro de felicidad, pero cuyo espectro puede estar limitado por nuestras expectativas y por nuestra perspectiva.  Cuestionamos a Nietzsche también, pensando en lo difícil que es no definir la felicidad o la bondad en reacciones o en términos de opuestos. Al final, reflexionamos que tal vez la verdadera felicidad es espiritual, vivir con la mirada del niño, la mirada del turista, del filósofo, del eterno curioso que percibe la vida como un descubrimiento.


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Making learning visible is important to the Senior English Department. We have dedicated our time and effort to develop projects focused on learning as an enjoyable activity. The Harry Potter Project has given our Year 1 students the opportunity to enjoy J.K. Rowling's first novel, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. As part of this unit, students not only studied the work's literary elements, but also enjoyed flying dictations, performed magic tricks, played Quidditch, chess and participated in a magical Knowledge Bowl.


Quidditch Tournament:

3rd Kings and Blount

2nd Queens and Jones

1st Princes and Cuff

Chess Tournament:

3rd Kings and Blount

2nd Princes and Cuff

1st Queens and Jones

 Knowledge Bowl:

3rd Queens and Jones

2nd Princes and Cuff

1st Kings and Blount


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