Menu of the Month

Monday 5th Chicken in bread crumbs with baked potatoes ,Salad Selection ,Ice cream ,Bread Spinach tart ,Salad Selection ,Ice cream ,Bread
Tuesday 6th Roast beef with mashed potatoes ,Salad Selection ,Ice cream ,Bread Ravioli filled with pumpkin and nuts with tomato Sauce ,Salad Selection ,Ice cream ,Bread
Wednesday 7th Gnocchi with bolognese dressing ,Salad Selection ,Fruit salad ,Bread Fish with grilled vegetables ,Salad Selection ,Fruit salad ,Bread
Thursday 8th Chicken risotto ,Salad Selection ,Ice cream ,Bread Golden Tart ,Salad Selection ,Ice cream ,Bread
Friday 9th Pizzas and faina ,Salad Selection ,Chocolate dessert ,Bread Omelette with vegetables ,Salad Selection ,Chocolate dessert ,Bread
Monday 12th Cottage pie ,Salad Selection ,Fruit ,Bread Tuna-filled tomato ,Salad Selection ,Fruit ,Bread
Tuesday 13th Roasted chicken with savoury rice ,Salad Selection ,Vanilla custard ,Bread Sponge layered ,Salad Selection ,Vanilla custard ,Bread
14th Spaghettis with tomato sauce ,Salad Selection ,Fruit salad ,Bread Vegetables in Bread Crumbs with Muzzarella and onions. ,Salad Selection ,Fruit salad ,Bread
Thursday 15th Croquettes with tomato and sweet corn salad ,Salad Selection ,Sponge cake with dulce de leche ,Bread Grilled Vegetables ,Salad Selection ,Sponge cake with dulce de leche ,Bread
Friday 16th Chivitos with French fries ,Salad Selection ,Ice cream ,Bread Aubergines with cheese and tomato sauce ,Salad Selection ,Ice cream ,Bread
Monday 19th Beef Casserole with rice,Salad Selection ,Fruit ,Bread Squash filled with corn and cheese ,Salad Selection ,Fruit ,Bread
Tuesday 20th Pork with mashed potatoes ,Salad Selection ,Ice cream ,Bread Vegetable omelette ,Salad Selection ,Ice cream ,Bread
Wednesday 21st Ravioli with filetto sauce ,Salad Selection ,Fruit salad ,Bread Spinach with Bechamel sauce ,Salad Selection ,Fruit salad ,Bread
Thursday 22nd Chicken in bread crumbs with potato and egg salad ,Salad Selection ,Wafers ,Bread Wraps with cheese and vegetables ,Salad Selection ,Wafers ,Bread
Friday 23rd Pasties ,Salad Selection ,Jelly ,Bread Vegetarian souffle ,Salad Selection ,Jelly,Bread

Please note that the published menú might be subject to change without notice.

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