On Wednesday 9th August the Junior School celebrated “Toy Day”.  It was a pleasure to watch the Community come together - students, with smiles on their faces, arriving with their donations and parents receiving the contributions, while all proudly wearing their House colours to support this very important School tradition. Toys were classified by volunteer members of our community and then distributed onto our various CAS projects. 

This was certainly a day to be remember!

Thanks all for your support.



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F6 - Exchange with St. Andrew´s Scots School

Form 6 students visited St Andrew’s Scots School the 9th, 10th and 11th June. It was an unforgettable experience for all of them, especially for all of those travelling on their own for the first time. Great hockey and rugby matches were the top element on Saturday morning and a busy social agenda which included a fun get-together was the highlight in the evening. The students were great ambassadors for the School, both in the playing fields and beyond, displaying excellent manners and behaviour. Well done!   

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F3 - "We Are All in this Together"

As part of the second Unit of Inquiry, “We Are All in This Together“, Form 3 visited the “Museo de Arte Contemporáneo”. There they observed different building materials, focusing on the properties of rocks and how these materials can they be used in a community.

Then they made several hypotheses and tested the permeability and durability of different kinds of rocks in the School Lab.






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F1 - How we organise ourselves

As part of their Unit "Let´s make it work!, Form 1 students visited different places both in the School and outside, seeing firsthand the processes taking place within, meeting all the men and women that make the  community work.

Firstly they started with a scouting trip within the School, getting to see what people do everyday as part of their daily working routines. After observing, interviewing and taking notes, the students put together all the data collected in order to understand how the massive structure of the School needs all the people in order to function properly.

To further understand this concept, students visited Tienda Inglesa, where they were thrilled by the experience of watching how another big institution works. As with the case of the School, they close-examined all the jobs that contribute to the well-functioning and organisation of the supermarket.





F3 & F4 Assembly - Attribute and Attitude acknowledgement

The British Schools strives to create a more peaceful, internationally-minded society by developing responsible lifelong learners, inspired and motivated by the attributes of the IB Learner Profile.

Interpersonal and cultural relationships have the power to broaden horizons, motivate and guide a learner. It is not without merit that students achieve an exemplary display of these attributes at School and at home in many different ways.

Acknowledgement of accomplishment is key in empowering our students to strive to develop their talents to the best of their abilities. In our weekly Assembly Form 3 and Form 4 students were presented with certificates to celebrate their commitment to the attitudes and attributes of the Learner Profile in Junior School.





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