Communications Junior 2018

Communications related to Junior are listed below starting with the most recently uploaded. 

Date Subject
27/11/2018 Kinder End of Year Celebration
27/11/2018 Prep End of Year Celebration
13/11/2018 Form 5 - 6th. Unit of Inquiry
13/11/2018 Form 4 - 6th. Unit of Inquiry
13/11/2018 Form 3 - 6th. Unit of Inquiry
13/11/2018 Form 2 - 6th. Unit of Inquiry
13/11/2018 Form 1 -6th. Unit of Inquiry
13/11/2018 Prep - 6th. Unit of Inquiry
13/11/2018 Kinder - 5th. Unit of Inquiry
09/11/2018 Form 5 - 5th Unit of Inquiry
07/11/2018 Form 1 End of Year Celebration
07/11/2018 Form 4 - 5th Unit of Inquiry
07/11/2018 Form 3 - 5th Unit of Inquiry
07/11/2018 Form 2 - 5th Unit of Inquiry
07/11/2018 Form 1 - 5th Unit of Inquiry
07/11/2018 Prep - 5th Unit of Inquiry
06/11/2018 Important dates Nov Dec 2018
06/11/2018 End of Year activities
09/10/2018 Summer uniform - Uniforme de Verano
04/10/2018 110th. Anniversary of The British Schools
10/09/2018 Prep - 4th Unit of Inquiry
10/09/2018 Form 1 - 4th Unit of Inquiry
10/09/2018 Form 2 - 4th Unit of Inquiry
10/09/2018 Form 3 - 4th Unit of Inquiry
10/09/2018 Form 4 - 4th Unit of Inquiry
10/09/2018 Form 5 - 4th Unit of Inquiry
27/08/2018 F5 students visit Don Bosco
22/08/2018 Parent Teacher Conferences - September
17/08/2018 School photographs
30/07/2018 Toy Day
17/07/2018 Form 1 - 3rd. Unit of Inquiry
17/07/2018 Form 5 - 3rd. Unif of Inquiry
17/07/2018 Form 4 - 3rd. Unit of Inquiry
17/07/2018 Form 3 - 3rd. Unit of Inquiry
17/07/2018 Form 2 - 3rd. Unit of Inquiry
17/07/2018 Prep - 3rd. Unit of Inquiry
05/07/2018 Reports - New format
12/06/2018 Football World Cup
29/05/2018 F1 Promesa a la Bandera
25/05/2018 F6 - New date for vaccination - MSP
23/05/2018 Wool Campaign
23/05/2018 Campaña de donación de libros en español
23/05/2018 Spanish books donation campaign
22/05/2018 Junior Play - Performance schedule
09/05/2018 Form 5 - 2nd. Unit of Inquiry
09/05/2018 Form 4 - 2nd. Unit of Inquiry
09/05/2018 Form 3 - 2nd. Unit of Inquiry
09/05/2018 Form 1 - 2nd. Unit of Inquiry
09/05/2018 Prep - 2nd. Unit of Inquiry
09/05/2018 Kinder - 2nd. Unit of Inquiry
09/05/2018 Scholastic - International School Book Club
07/05/2018 Lost Property Sale - May
03/05/2018 Form 2 - 2nd. Unit of Inquiry
26/04/2018 F6 - vacunación MSP postergada
20/04/2018 Prep C - New Teaching Assistant
17/04/2018 Parent Teacher Conferences
10/04/2018 Form 5 - 1st. Unit of Inquiry
10/04/2018 Form 4 - 1st. Unit of Inquiry.doc
10/04/2018 Form 3 - 1st. Unit of Inquiry
10/04/2018 Form 2 - 1st. Unit of Inquiry
10/04/2018 Form 1 - 1st. Unit of Inquiry
05/04/2018 Growth & Development
05/04/2018 F4 salida al Parque Biomas
23/03/2018 Prep - 1st. Unit of Inquiry
23/03/2018 Kinder - 1st. Unit of Inquiry
05/03/2018 Invitación a integrar el coro - F2 a F6
01/03/2018 Carpools
28/02/2018 New students - Monday 5th. March
27/02/2018 Prep - Informative meeting and Adaptation period
27/02/2018 Kinder - Informative meeting and Adpatation period
27/02/2018 Prep booklet 2018
27/02/2018 Kinder booklet 2018
27/02/2018 Informative Meetings
09/02/2018 Certificados Médicos y Vacunas


Last week Form 2 students visited "Granja La Dominga". The students had a fabulous time learning about the different parts of a plant and the function of each. They  found out how soil and rainfall affect plant growth and got their hands dirty by planting seeds, bulbs and plants belonging to the garlic, broccoli, lettuce and onion families.


The School has a tradition of fruitful collaboration from its Learning Community, making this a solid foundation for establishing our School Mission. 

The School understands that partnerships with parents and families benefit the students and value the perspectives they bring to the learning community in support of student learning, growth, health and well-being.

The direct collaboration and involvement of the Learning Community fosters shared decision-making, the exchange of ideas and experiences, and supports the common goal of reflecting on the transdisciplinary learning experience. This, in turn, helps all members of the learning community to grow as learners.

This year Form 1 and Form 2 have already experienced welcoming members of the School family into their classrooms. 

Form 1 - How we express ourselves 

Students observed and appreciated how our learning community worked with different media and expressed themselves in different ways. They investigated how the use of different techniques and the artist´s choice of materials, colour and shapes provokes a range of feelings in them and in the audience. 

Form 2 - Who we are

Students developed their understanding of how to stay healthy and incorporate habits of personal hygiene into their daily routines when a member of our community arranged a visit from various professionals: dentist and nutritionist.   

We would like to thank parents and professionals who joined/ contributed to these units of inquiry with our students.






"This morning we went to a chat about recycling.  A lady came from the IMM.  Her job is to check levels of contamination in the environment and tries to solve the problems when they are too high.

She told us about the importance of recycling and what things can be recycled and what not.  There are special places for certain things that should not be thrown in the general rubbish – light bulbs, phones (take to Antel), computers, batteries (they can’t be recycled but you can’t throw because some contaminate the environment) and medicines (take to pharmacies).

38% of waste can be recycled – when the truck collects the containers from the streets, they take them to a place where the rubbish is classified by colour and material.  Some things can be reused and those things are taken out, then the things that cannot be recycled are put in the landfill.

Containers in the streets have 3 colours:

Orange = recycle

Green = rubbish

Red = re-use

The lady told us that the most important thing we need to do is to educate people to throw things in the correct places, we must all classify our rubbish!

The talk was very interesting, we learned a lot and now we need to tell all our companions about what she said."

Belen Scasso and Maria Victoria Martinez (Form 5)


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F5 students visited a temporary exhibition of works by international well known artist Pablo Ruiz Picasso.

They learned about his life and different art periods through interpreting and analysing his work and understanding the ways in which images and language interact to convey ideas.  At the same time they made connections with their unit of inquiry linked to the concept of change.

When visiting the exhibition they showed curiosity and could express their own points of view linking with previous knowledge.


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Last year, F2C group, in their unit of Inquiry "How we express ourselves" studied the works of famous British author, Julia Donaldson and were curious about her work and her life. Our librarian, Mariana Terra together with Ms Campomar decided to get the students to write a letter to Ms Donaldson, inquiring about some aspects of her life and her books. The letter was sent via mail to Ms Donaldson´s address in UK.  This was November 2018.

A few days ago, an envelope addressed to The British Schools with a peculiar sticker and British stamps attached to it, arrived at School. Ms Campomar gathered her last year´s students in the library and they eagerly waited while she opened the letter. They were thrilled to receive a hand written response from the author, stickers for all of them and a beautiful card. 

In the era of technology and emails, the value of receiving a written response was priceless. Students learned about the stamps and about the long joruney that the letter had before arriving to them, but the most valued learning experience was maybe that you want to achieve something, you should at least give it a shot. Dream big. 



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On Monday morning 3 coaches full of very excited Form 6 students set off for the Campamento Artigas to spend 4 days enjoying the outdoors.  After settling in to their cabins, activities began with a walk around the camp, getting to know their surroundings and playing entertaining games at each of 6 points on the circuit.  The happy smiling faces in the photos are witness to how much fun they were having!

In the evening, the group got together around the bonfire and shared some time singing and reflecting on their first day at Camp. 

We share with you some of the student´s reflections:

Nicanor Bado

El campamento Artigas fue una experiencia inolvidable. Hicimos actividades muy creativas y divertidas con nuestros líderes que siempre metían toda la onda, sin olvidarme de esos almuerzos de rey que incluía una sopa (la más rica que probé), la entrada , el plato principal y el riquísimo postre. El punto es que la pasé bomba, logré amigarme con compañeros que no conocía y siempre me mantuvieron entretenido, así que perdérselo no es una opcion. 


Isabel Guelfi

El campamento es algo inolvidable, increíble y muy divertido. Aunque no estés todo el tiempo con tus mejores amigas lo pasas muy, muy bien, porque convivir con gente que antes no conocías tanto te hace hacer muchas buenas y nuevas amistades. Cuando volvés a tu casa estás tan feliz de haber hecho algo tan lindo que hay momentos que estás un poco triste de que haya pasado tan rápido.

Aunque llueva, haga sol o venga un tornado, te vas a divertir de todas formas, eso fue una cosa muy importante que aprendimos.

Tuvimos tantos recuerdos, tantas cosas que hicimos, que nada lo va a superar.

Este campamento es algo que 100% se lo recomiendo a todos los que van a ir.

Espero que el año que viene nadie no se lo pierda, porque estoy segura que ésta es y va a ser una de las mejores e inolvidables experiencias de mi vida.


Chiara Ferrari

El Campamento Artigas fue algo que estuve esperando por mucho tiempo. Mucha gente mencionaba lo lindo que la pasaron y lo divertido que era. Cuando llegó el momento de nuestro campamento yo estaba muy emocionada y feliz.

Ahora quiero contar lo increíble que la pasé.

En el campamento tuvimos un montón de actividades y juegos espectaculares en donde nos divertimos todos juntos.

La comida fue deliciosa y nunca tuve hambre.

También me gustaría contar mi experiencia con mi cabaña y líder. Al principio no estaba muy satisfecha con mi cabaña porque solo estaba con una amiga, pero al final del campamento tenía una montón de amigas nuevas con las cuales había creado un montón de anécdotas divertidísimas.

A su vez tuve tiempo donde me junté con otras amigas y también crearon grupos de colores, donde hicimos varios juegos con gente distinta.

Todos juntos creamos memorias y momentos inolvidables y al final del campamento vi lo linda y especial que es la generación para mi.

Siempre me va a acompañar por el resto de mi vida escolar y siento que estamos todos muy unidos.

Le recomiendo a todos los años siguientes que no se pierdan esta experiencia alucinante que les proporciona el colegio porque verdaderamente es única.


Reflexión del equipo de Paulina Cat, Emma Dorbessan, Juan Diego Payssé , Trinidad Brausse y Tiago Stremmler

“Lo que nos llevamos del campamento”

Nosotros nos llevamos las canciones que nos enseñaron de recuerdo para toda la vida. Siempre nos vamos a acordar de la sopa tan rica que nos cocinaban.

También de los integrantes de las cabañas  junto con los líderes y todo lo que vivimos en ella. Y la remera que nos regalaron del Campamento Artigas será el símbolo de lo que allí vivimos.  


Reflexión del equipo de Juan Fleurquin, Mercedes Olaso , Leah Cowley , Nacho Victorica  y Ma Victoria Martínez

“Lo que nos llevamos del campamento”

Nos llevamos memorias y muchos aprendizajes del Campamento Artigas como: hacer guiso, comer saludable , juegos, canciones, bailes y  que se puede estar cuatro días sin tecnología.


Reflexión individual de Mercedes Olaso - Acróstico con la palabra Campamento


                    Cantamos muchas canciones

                    Aprendimos juegos nuevos

                    Me gustó mucho mi cabaña

 Cocinamos Pan

                     Aprendí a remar

                    Me tiré de la tirolesa

    Siempre   stábamos haciendo actividades

    Jugamos eN equipos

     Me encanTó la sopa

          BailamOs mucho  


Reflexión individual de Trinidad Brause - Acróstico con la palabra Campamento :


                       Me enCantó la experiencia

                            Mi cAbaña estuvo buenísima

                           Nos Matamos de la risa

                                  Participamos todos

La comida era muy ricA

                     Habían  uchos bichos

                    Conocí mEjor a mucha gente


                         Pasó Todo muy rápido

                                LOs botes estuvieron muy divertidos




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Choir visited Sir Winston Churchill Home

On Wednesday, 12th December, students from Form 3 and Form 4 choirs visited the Sir Winston Churchill Home at the British Hospital.

They sang Christmas carols and songs from their concerts earlier in the year. Before returning to School, students were able to talk with residents and share a snack with them.

It was a great experience for everyone involved!

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Junior Prize-Giving Ceremony

On Tuesday, 11th December, the Community gathered together to celebrate the end of the 2018 academic year at the Junior School Prize Giving Ceremony.

Students were recognised for their outstanding sporting and academic achievement, as well as for their exemplary attitude and effort. Speeches were delivered by the Principal, Mr. Mark Rosevear, Head of Junior, Mrs. Trudy Chappell, and the closing words were given by Mrs. Karen Schandy, Chair of the Board of Governors. Two Form 6 students addressed the audience, who were also entertained by the Junior School Choir. For the first time in the Junior School Prize Giving Ceremony, the Prefects for 2019 were announced and received their pins from the present group of Prefects, who have given their service to the School during 2018.

Read here: Mr. Mark Rosevear - Mrs. Trudy Chappell - Mrs. Karen Schandy - Students' Speeches

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