Facilities at TBS

Located in the suburbs of Montevideo, in the residential area of Carrasco, the School site (10 Hectares) encompasses the Senior School, Junior School, Early Years Centre (EYC), ICT Suite, Auditorium (seating capacity 420), Cafeteria, Sports House, Pavilion, Playing Fields, Hockey, Rugby, Football pitches, a synthetic Hockey pitch, outdoor Tennis Courts, Basketball Court, Gymnasium (1654m2) and Open Air Swimming Pool.

In contrast to the traditional classrooms where desks are arranged towards the front, new spaces for learning have irregular shapes and are flexible in order to foster different learning styles and modalities that adapt to the diverse 21st Century learning needs.  Our learning spaces at The British Schools are designed to inspire and encourage independent as well as collaborative learning.

Early Years Centre (EYC)

The Early Years Centre provides facilities for students in Kinder and Prep. Designed with the future needs of the youngest students in mind, the facilities include classrooms with differentiated learning centres, an age-appropriate multimedia projection centre, and a hall/mini theatre with ample space for collaborative work, a psychomotricity area, a Library, an art studio and many other child-friendly “nooks” to arouse curiosity, creativity and encourage positive interaction, through play.

Junior School

The Junior School provides facilities for students from Form 1 to Form 6. In addition to the classrooms, the facilities include a Library Resource Centre with its own ICT suite; a fully-equipped ICT Department/Suite with dedicated ICT classrooms. The Music Department has sound proofed facilities with rooms that convert into one space for larger gatherings. The Junior Hall situated on the ground floor can accommodate over 400 students is used for a wide variety of activities, including weekly assemblies and School plays There is also a Staff Room and Administration offices.

Shared Spaces

There are additional, state-of-the-art learning spaces for ICT, Science, Art and Music, located in the East Wing of the Junior Buildings, shared by students in both Junior and Senior.


Senior School

The Senior School provides facilities for students from 1st Year to 6th Year Liceo. In addition to classrooms, these facilities include a Library Resource Centre, ICT Labs, Mobile Device Labs, Science Labs, Music Room, Technical Drawing Room, Visual Arts Room as well as a Multi-Purpose Room. The Auditorium - with a seating capacity for approximately 410 - provides a space for a wide variety of uses. Although located adjacent to the Senior buildings, the Auditorium facilities are enjoyed by all students School-wide. There is also a Snack Shop on the ground floor in the Senior building, additional student break-out spaces, a Staff Room and Administration offices.



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