Message from the Principal

In the Beginning

“The curriculum is the same as that adopted by the best schools at home….Our aim is to develop the reasoning powers of the child and to avoid that merely mechanical teaching which may impart some knowledge, but which certainly fails to stimulate the intellectual faculties of the pupils. We shall also pay careful attention to the physical side of education.”

Mr. Horace W. Jones, Founding Headmaster


The chief work of a school is to form character and to teach its pupils to live wisely and well after they go out into the world. The most valuable results of education do not consist of masses of book learning, or in the possession of certificates; but in the openness of mind, in clearness of thought, in the power of drawing right conclusions from facts, and of grappling with difficulties, in the ability to work with others, in firmness of moral principle, in courage, reverence and self-control.”

Miss Florence Carr -Jackson, Founding Headmistresse


This is how the founding Headmaster and Headmistress expressed their ambitions for The British Schools. A vision that, despite the passing of the years and the changes in terminology, still resonates today and even coincides remarkably with the School’s Mission Statement and the IB Learner Profile.  

The British Schools began life in 1908 with 12 students drawn from the British community. Numbers at both the Boys and the Girls School grew rapidly and the early life of The British Schools was marked by several changes of premises.  

In 1936 the school became “co-educational” and was well established in Pocitos. Throughout its history The British Schools has remained faithful to the founding precepts of offering a holistic education, presenting every student with the opportunity to excel. 

The Present

Alan RipleyThe School celebrated its centenary in 2008 and currently has a student population of 1450. Since 1965 the School has enjoyed the extensive and beautiful 10 hectare campus in Carrasco. Continual renovation and reinvention of both the physical infrastructure and of the educational curriculum and methodology, has produced a modern, confident and reflective learning community, which is very aware of its history and culture.

The School is best described as a “British International School in Uruguay”. “British” through foundation, and orientation; “International” in outlook and in terms of many of the learning programmes used; immersed in, and contributing to the development of, Uruguay.  
The British Schools in the early 21st century enjoys the reputation of being one of the leading schools in Latin America.


The Future

The success of The British Schools is its consistent adhesion to the vision of the founding Heads. It is the task of all those involved with the School to take forward this vision – and its associated culture, traditions and aspirations.  

With the guidance of this vision, culture and values, the School will continue to innovate; to incorporate new methods, programmes, ideas and technologies– wherever these can be seen as providing for the forming of “… self-confident, creative, inquiring, discerning, fully bilingual students who will strive to develop their talents to the best of their abilities.”

The School is privileged in many senses – and is particularly well placed to deal with the challenges and opportunities that rapid change in education and in society present.


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