School Publications

All School publications aim to promote The British Schools in terms of an outstanding educational institution and transmit the Mission Statement whilst encapsulating the spirit and traditions of The British School’s unique educational community.

Annual Report

The Annual Report is published once a year – usually in June. Its purpose is to provide an overview of life at The British Schools during the stated year.

Items related to student learning and achievements, key outcomes, student welfare and pastoral, sports, activities beyond the classroom, the arts, staff, and future directions are included within its contents. The Annual Report is an "in-house", not professional, publication.



The Yearbook is a student-centred publication produced in-house. Published once a year – usually in March – its purpose is to provide a pictorial overview of the events during the stated academic year.

The Yearbook also includes class photographs, and photographs of the teaching and staff community.

Click on the image to download the latest Yearbook in PDF document.



A series of six brochures entitled “Achieving Excellence” were produced to communicate The British School's Mission Statement. Click on the front covers below to download a brochure.

Achieving Excellence - Academics     Achieving Excellence - Creativity

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