Philadelphia Tour 2014

TBS players began training at the beginning of February to work on their skills and build their stamina as they prepare physically and mentally for this challenging tour in the USA.  Using the right equipment is an equally important aspect of the sport – some tips offered by leading experts include:

Choosing the Right Hockey Stick - there are two sizing methods to use when choosing a hockey stick:

  • Place the toe on the ground and make sure the stick is straight. Hold the stick with two fingers at the top of the handle keeping it in place. The top of the stick should be relatively close to the hip bone. It may be slightly lower or higher. Stand up straight and have another person help with the fitting or use a mirror to see if the stick is close the hip bone.
  • Hold the stick upside down, with the head in the air, insert the head in the arm pit, as if the stick was a crutch. A real crutch would reach the floor, while your stick should end near the knee. Stand up straight and have another person help with the fitting or use a mirror. The end of the handle should fall between the middle of your knee cap to no more than two inches below the bottom of the knee cap.

Gum Shields: The gum shield is a very important piece of equipment. 

A gum shield not only protects the teeth and gums, it can reduce damage around the jaw and the chances of getting concussed – so make sure you use one that fits properly.

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