Career Counselling Department

Our Career Counsellor assists high school students develop personal career plans. This is done through career education programs that include formal lessons, guest presentations, work experience programs and excursions, presentations, and one on one sessions, among others. Our Career Counsellor works collaboratively with students, teachers, the school authorities and the Parents Committee, University Representatives and Admissions Officers,  employers, community agencies and training providers to ensure that up-to-date information and programs are relevant to students and their communities. 

The British Schools Comprehensive activities include:

•             Teaching career development programs and lessons

•             Providing individual career counseling (one on one sessions)

•             Organising job placement and work experience programs (WORKLINKS)

•             Undertaking continuous industry and labour market research, including liaison with training providers and professional bodies

•             Organizing presentations in the school, by successful members of the community in different areas (WORKVIEWS)

•             Preparing and organizing a National University Fair

•             Organizing Presentations and workshops by renown foreign universities

•             Conducting surveys and follow up as of students who graduate from TBS to learn how they do one/five and ten years after they graduate from TBS



The Worklinks Programme, run by the School, is designed to accompany students in their transition from School to University and later into the world of work. The aim is to build bridges between these different stages.


The Workviews Programme is geared to giving you the chance of listening to and exchanging ideas and opinions with high-level professionals in your area or your areas of interest.


The University Fair seeks to  bring universities from Uruguay and enable students at TBS and other as well as parents to meet admissions officers and representatives and have access to first hand quality information that will help them make better and informed choices regarding their career plans.  


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