Rules and Regulations

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In summary:


English is the language of the School and should be spoken on all occasions. A high standard of behaviour both inside and outside of The British Schools is expected. Failure to comply with this standard may lead to expulsion on the recommendation of the Principal to the Board of Governors.


Promotion to the next class at the beginning of the following school year will depend upon:

  • A satisfactory standard of spoken and written English.
  • A satisfactory standard of academic performance in the current year.
  • A satisfactory record of attendance throughout the year.

Children who do not attain these standards may be required to leave the School.


Punctuality and regular attendance are expected at all times. Written reasons for absence, either from School or from particular classes (e.g. games, physical training, etc.) must be given in advance except in cases of sickness or emergency where the written reason must be presented on the return of the child to School. For extended absences Parents/Guardians are required to advise the Schools, in writing, of the reason for the absence and of the probable date of return.

School Uniform

All students must wear the School uniform as described in the following list (click here to access this information). Failure to comply may entail suspension of students until the required uniform is worn.
This rule may be waived at the discretion of the Principal for a reasonable period, e.g. the first one or two weeks after entering The British Schools.


In accordance with the Law and these regulations, all children are required to present the following certificates before entering The British Schools and thereafter annually in March of each year:

1) Valid medical certificate showing:
      a) Good health.
      b) Fitness for games and physical exercise in general.
2) Official valid vaccination certificate.
3) Certificate of inoculation against tetanus (Secondary School only).
4) Any other medical certificate which might be requested in the future.
5) Photocopy of the Identification Card or Diplomatic Card.

Children who have suffered from a contagious illness may not return to The British Schools without a medical certificate of complete recovery.

It should be noted that physical training and games are compulsory, and permanent exemption is only granted when a valid medical certificate stating unfitness for such activities is presented.


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