School Administration

For all academic and non-academic matters regarding the general administration of the School, please contact the main switchboard on 2600 34 21 / 2600 35 63 and ask to be connected to the appropriate department.

Whole School – Office of the Principal
Principal Mark Rosevear Ext. 116
Secretary to the Principal Cecilia Gómez Meikle Ext. 116
Assistant to Alumni Office Adela Böcking Ext. 161
Admissions Coordinator Joyce Tatton Ext. 101
Junior School – Office of the Head of Junior
Head of Junior Gary Mallon Ext. 113/106
Secretaries Dolores Ponce de León / María Clara Heber Ext. 113/106
Senior School – Office of the Head of Senior
Head of Senior Andrew Bunt Ext. 123/188
Secretaries Laura Benítez / Ana Inés Albanell Ext. 123/188
Reception Dayana Givara Ext. 121
                           Senior School – Office of the Director of National Programme
Director of National Programme Agustín Maggi Ext. 120
Student Welfare Cecilia Pombo Ext. 114
Secretary Alexandra Romero Ext. 139
Administration Office
Administrator Andrea Piriz Ext. 111
Secretary Adriana Pagani Ext. 111
Billing Carolina Suárez / Juan Diego Poncet Ext. 128
Accounting Valeria Delfino / Silvia González Ext. 110
Purchasing Verónica Liberti Ext. 148
Personnel Lourdes Márquez / Valentina Scattone Ext. 130/150
Reception María José Laredo Ext. 100/112
Human Resources Manager Federico Kuzel Ext. 149
Physical Education
Head of P.E. Pablo Herrera Ext. 132
Head of Sport César Cat  
Secretary Magdalena Medeiros Ext. 132
Sports House
Coordinator José Luis Carro Ext. 133
Nutritionist Ma. Inés Garbino Ext. 133
Systems Department
Helpdesk Ical Ltda.: Gabriel Larrandaburu This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Ext. 152
Helpdesk Management ITS: Alejandro Fernández / Joaquín Niell Ext. 152
Computer Infrastructure ITS: Daniel Bocage  Ext. 152
Communications Department Juan Pablo Rodríguez / Manuela Varela Ext. 136
Academic & Administrative Software ITS: Alejandro Fernández / Verónica Peña Ext. 136
Resources Department
Head of Resources Department Paula Martinel / Fernanda Martínez Ext. 131
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